Alibaba's Databases Supported $14.3 Billion of Activity Today

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Nov 11, 2015 3:20:17 PM

Alibaba is frequently described as China’s retail equivalent of Amazon – and today, November 11, is Singles’ Day in China, that country’s shopping holiday equivalent of Black Friday. This year, as the Wall Street Journal reports, Alibaba is enjoying astounding, single-day, record-breaking sales: $14.3 billion.

Alibaba said it took just half a day for sales generated on its Chinese and international marketplaces to exceed last year’s 24-hour total of $9.3 billion. Some analysts had expected that the total transactions recorded, measured by gross merchandise value—or GMV—would exceed $13 billion


Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma – Img via Reuters

Oof. Just imagine the preparation that Alibaba must have put into its databases in order to handle all that activity – we hope they had an effective database monitoring service at their disposal. As we wrote several weeks ago, such a platform is really the best way for retailers to prepare for the awe-inspiring onrush of holiday season consumers, and the best way to turn potential chaos into profits.

Again, just consider these kinds of numbers, from Alibaba’s rival, also reported by the WSJ:

Alibaba’s main Chinese rival, e-commerce company Inc., said it recorded more than 20 million orders by 5 p.m. Wednesday, 6 million more orders than the total of last year’s Singles’ Day. Unlike Alibaba, doesn’t release figures for the total value of merchandise sold on its shopping site on Singles’ Day.

That volume of activity really doesn’t allow for anything less than top monitoring power.

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