Queueing Theory and VividCortex

Posted by George Michie on Oct 16, 2015 12:38:25 PM

Raise your hand if you love queuing theory… anybody, anybody… Bueller?


Okay, so it doesn’t sound as sexy as… um… dental work. But it turns out that it’s not just fascinating, it’s also really, really important.

What is Queueing Theory? Think British English: “I’m in the queue, waiting to buy tickets….” We wait in queues all the time: for the next available service rep, to merge onto the highway, for the bathroom. Machines wait on each other, too, for the next available microprocessor, for database tables to ‘unlock’, for the last document to print, etc. Understanding queuing theory helps people build smarter, more efficient systems.

So why did our Brainiac-in-Chief, Baron Schwartz, feel the need to write a terrific ebook on the subject? Improving operational efficiency is what VividCortex was built to do. We’re IT lubrication. And we do it in more ways than one. First: VividCortex was built to help DBAs identify and understand queuing problems that make database systems underperform. Reducing downtime, improving hardware utilization, and making systems more responsive means faster websites, apps, and ‘clouds that rain (reign?) speed.’

But performance gains produced by DBAs with better diagnostic tools are only the most obvious benefits. Often the biggest benefit comes from freeing up DBA-time. DBAs often become bottlenecks in the IT department. The overstretched DBA isn’t available to answer developer’s questions or help improve a query when needed. Developers have to wait, binding up other developers who are waiting on those developers.

It’s almost like … queuing… oh! It is a queuing issue!

VividCortex helps DBAs identify inefficiencies before they become problems, with fewer false positives. VividCortex’s one-second, query-level resolution allows DBAs to resolve problems faster when they do occur. VividCortex allows developers to self-serve many issues that would otherwise have to be addressed to the DBA team. Reducing the demands on the DBA team improves their availability to answer the questions developers can’t self-serve making the developers themselves more productive.

To learn more about how VividCortex can help your IT team produce more goodnesscontact us.

To learn more about queuing theory, read our ebook. It’s geeky, but remarkably accessible.

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