You Need to Pay Attention to Fast-Running Queries

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Oct 14, 2015 3:17:10 PM


Just so it’s clear how we feel. Let there be no mistake: you do need to pay attention to fast-running queries in your system.

In the past, we’ve run into folks who say otherwise, and other database products might not monitor fast-running queries, but there’s a good chance they’re missing vital information. Sometimes this happens because a product employs 1-second polling, which we don’t do – we capture ALL queries, not just those running when we look once per second.

Fast-running queries can be the majority of the load on a system if they run frequently. This is why we default to sorting Top Queries by “total time,” which is the product of latency and frequency. Take a look at any of our customers and you’ll likely see that their number one query in “Top Queries” is fast-running and frequent, not long-running.

This is one of the many values of the “Top Queries” feature — the revelation of what really matters and occupies space within your system. Check out the video below, which we featured in August, to see some of what “Top Queries” can do.

And pay attention to your fast-running queries: this is a lesson better learned from us than from issues in your own database… or a visit from Vincent and Jules.


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