Inefficient Internal Systems Lead to Inefficent Administrators

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Sep 11, 2015 11:18:57 AM

Everybody knows that the amount of data around us is constantly growing, and yet database administrators still often find themselves ill equipped to perform their jobs effectively. If administrators only have access to antiquated techniques and tools, an entire company’s profitability and productivity can be affected.

A major component of whether an administrator can be effective is contingent upon how well that administrator is set up to succeed (or fail!). Budget restraints, various time drains, and other obligations can result in administrators being unable to perform their jobs in the most effective way.   

The expectation for an administrator to maintain internal tools is a perfect example of one of these restricting factors.

Companies Waste Money on Maintaining Inefficient Internal Systems

According to a survey we distributed to various administrators and developers last summer, the average data operations person spends at least 30% of his/her time maintaining internal tools. Assuming the fully burdened salary of one head is $200,000, this chart indicates an average expense of $60,000 per head per year, with some companies spending over $1,000,000 maintaining internal tools. This indicates that managers are not evaluating the time value of their employees and that vendor solutions are not solving the problems in modern web-scale companies data operations teams.


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