Find Queries By Error Code With VividCortex

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Aug 7, 2015 11:26:00 AM

VividCortex now lets you search for queries that cause a specific error in your application. The error code itself will be database-specific, but for example error 1062 in MySQL is a duplicate key error, and in PostgreSQL error 23503 is a foreign key violation.

One of our customers requested that we add this feature so they could search for queries that cause UTF8 issues, which is a great example of when this can be useful.

To use this feature, click on the Queries navigation link, which brings up a catalog of every query we have seen execute in your systems. At the top, select the drop-down menu and filter by errors, then type in the error code you’re looking for and click Apply:


The result will be a listing of all queries that cause the server to return that error (even if it’s only an occasional error).

You might be surprised at how many queries cause once-in-a-million errors! They’re really hard to find in production systems if you don’t have the deep visibility we provide.

You can click on any of the errors and inspect it, sample by sample, to see exactly which instances of it cause errors. Sampling is biased towards capturing errors and warnings, so you can find and resolve them easily. Samples are color-coded red when they have errors.


Let us know if you, too, have great ideas for features we can implement to make your life easier!

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