Are Your Data Systems a Technology Tar Pit

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Jul 10, 2015 4:52:00 AM

Are you still running yesterday’s database? Technology and workloads have changed, so it might be time to re-examine your trusty standby. But how do you determine whether the benefits of new data storage technology are worth the cost and effort of evaluating and switching?

Perhaps you think your current data retrieval system is “good enough,” but that “just fine” system might be creating huge technical debt that could come back to haunt you. To keep up with the times, you might need to re-evaluate your database. This could result in a leaner, meaner, and more modern back end that can grow with your business and save you money.

Technology changes rapidly, and data storage technologies are no exception. Innovations such as solid-state drives are creating entirely new sets of tradeoffs and advantages. Meanwhile, the sheer amount of data being collected continues to explode. Older solutions simply cannot find good footing in this environment.

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