Success Story: VividCortex Improves Reliability at DC Energy

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Jun 29, 2015 7:51:00 AM

DC Energy is a trader in the commodities markets that relies heavily on MySQL. Since trading is time-sensitive, database management and minimal system downtime is a high priority. Prior to deploying VividCortex, DC Energy used query logs and custom tools, scripts and metrics to find and resolve problems. Internal tools did not provide a way to quickly review and assess the enormous amount of data available, and gaining insight into performance was time consuming.

In March 2013, DC Energy began using VividCortex. Joe Kelly, DC Energy associated, highlighted the benefits since installation:

VividCortex has an intuitive interface, and it’s clearly built by a team that understands monitoring because it only shows us what we need to know. It does not overwhelm us with a lot of information we don’t want. Everything I want is accessible, and I am not bogged down by extraneous information.

This has led to faster diagnosis and prevention of potential problems. Because DC Energy analysts depend on quick response times for trading, the database performance improvements have helped them perform with increased efficiency.

The full case study is available for download here. If you think this level of analysis could benefit your company, learn more or start your free trial today!

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