VividCortex Adds Full-Screen Kiosk Mode

Posted by Andres Techera on May 29, 2015 7:43:00 AM

We’ve added a fullscreen (kiosk) mode to VividCortex, perfect for livestreaming a dashboard to a big monitor on your wall. Fullscreen mode uses native browser functionality to request fullscreen access, so there’s no need to try to hide your tab bar. Simply click the little icon in the top right corner of any screen:


The app will not only go into fullscreen mode but will hide all the “chrome” used for navigation. You will see a minimalistic header that just shows the time interval you’ve selected.


Naturally, you’ll want to start livestreaming before you fullscreen, so your monitor will refresh with updated data continually.


And remember, VividCortex makes you look smart and shows off your good taste in database monitoring solutions.

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