The Five Stages of Debugging

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on May 22, 2015 11:07:00 AM

Because it’s Friday afternoon and you may have had a long week, our brainiacs present…



The Five Stages Of Debugging:

Stage One. Denial - “What do you mean it’s broken!? That code has worked forever!”

Stage Two. Anger - “[Expletive], now I have to fix this broken piece of crap…”

Stage Three. Bargaining - “Hmm, maybe if I hack this bit up here that will fix it?”

Stage Four. Depression - “It’s all broken, it can’t be fixed. Maybe I should just go live on a farm. Is the janitorial staff hiring?”

Stage Five. Acceptance - “Whew! That was a rough bug but I finally got it fixed! How did that code ever even work in the first place? (shrug) oh well on to the next task…”

Hope you enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!

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