Improvements in VividCortex's Query Digesting Algorithm

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Apr 28, 2015 6:37:00 AM

At VividCortex, the algorithm our agents use to digest queries needs to be fast and reliable. Accurately digesting queries into logical groups is important to providing a useful view of data in the UI - digest too few or too many and it becomes difficult to understand what the Top-Queries view is showing.

Though our algorithm is sophisticated, one of our PostgreSQL clients experienced an issue with query digestion. They had many queries of the form “select a,b,c from table where c = any(values (1), (2), (3)…)” which were not being collapsed correctly.

We recently improved our digest code to correctly digest queries of this form.

In both MySQL and PostgreSQL, “SELECT * FROM t WHERE a IN (SELECT aa FROM tt)” was incorrectly collapsed to SELECT * FROM t WHERE a IN (?). Now, the digest is the lowercased original query text, as there is nothing to collapse or conceal.

These are improvements that help our clients have clearer visibility into their database activity. We are always listening to customer requests, and our support brainiacs are constantly working to improve visibility and service. If you have not given us a try, sign up for a free trial today.

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