Three Ways To Generate Technical Content

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Mar 16, 2015 5:55:00 AM

Your engineers are your best source of content, as they are doing the most impactful and relevant work. However, they’re busy and their time is more economically spent writing code. Plus, they likely would rather write code than blog posts. That does not mean you have to leave all that knowledge unshared, however. You just have to get a bit creative to extract it.

Nudge Engineers, But Don’t Push

Although you want to get people out of their comfort zone to stimulate ideas, don’t ask people to do what they’re not good at. “Content generation” can be intimidating, so frame it in a different light. Ghost-write for them so they feel like all they’re doing is teaching you about a subject, playing to both of your strengths.

Notice The Small Things

The hardest part is generating ideas. That’s because you shouldn’t be creating ideas; you should be noticing what’s already there. Every engineer works on three things a day that could help the community, but it doesn’t occur to them. Notice what they’re doing and jot down that topic as an idea for a blog post. You can later ask them some questions and build an outline from the answers.

Focus On Being Useful

The best content is that which answers questions and solves customer problems rather than merely selling your product or self-promoting. Help people learn how to solve their problems as a goal. If it happens to be the same problem your product is solving, it will flow naturally.

Our team has written plenty of blog posts focused on problems we face with the goal of benefitting the community. Below are just a few:

Smoke-testing with a sanity check tool by Preetam Jinka

Using Netlink to optimize socket statistics by Fernando Papa

Query samples, explained by John Potocny

Grunt plugin for circleci by Ismael Ambrosi

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