Case Study: VividCortex Improves Time to Market for NetProspex

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Mar 12, 2015 8:14:00 AM

NetProspex is a B2B platform that enhances lead generation by separating the information that matters and enabling marketers to better segment and target their audience. Managing the massive amount of incoming data is cumbersome for one DBA.

In the past, NetProspex used tools like Nagios and MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM), but both fell short of the company’s monitoring needs. Hiring another DBA was both difficult and expensive, so Josh Prunier, DBA at NetProspex, began evaluating alternative solutions. VividCortex’s MySQL-specific query intelligence was better suited.

VividCortex made an immediate positive impact on Josh’s workload and overall operations by improving insight into query and server behavior and reducing overhead costs. The ability to compare and analyze queries allows Josh to proactively examine queries that are not written efficiently and take actions such as tweaking an index or the query syntax. The deep detail exposed via VividCortex’s TCP traffic capture and advanced statistical analysis immediately surfaces “bad” queries that are taking a long time, using a lot of IO resources or not using indexes.

According to Josh, “VividCortex is a database performance monitoring solution for enterprise systems. It makes a DBA’s and developers’ job easier.”

VividCortex has resulted in faster deploys to improve time-to-market, reduced resource costs and generally reduced headaches for DBAs and developers, making everyone happier.

The full case study is available for download here. If you think this level of analysis could benefit your company, learn more or start your free trial today!

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