Baron Schwartz Featured in DZone: Database and Persistence Management

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Mar 11, 2015 5:08:00 AM

DZone recently released the Guide to Database and Persistence Management. The Guide includes articles by thought leaders around the industry, including our CEO Baron Schwartz. It is a privilege to be included in such a publication with other luminary acolytes.


Download the full copy here, and check out page 14.

The State of the Storage Engine provides insight into the rapidly shifting landscape of data storage. It addresses why the standard textbook architecture is now being questioned and analyzes alternatives to the venerable B-tree Index, including the growing trend of log-structured merge trees.

Of course, no matter the underlying storage, there lies the classic iron triangle trade-off:

“You can have sequential reads without amplification, sequential writes without amplification, or an immutable write-once design—pick any two.”

And the reality is, in the world of Big Data, MySQL, NoSQL and countless alternatives, the most effective data storage requires a great deal of architectural creativity.

Download the guide to read the entire article, as well as to glean more industry wisdom. In the words of readers, this guide is “a good companion to get a quick overview about actual trends and technologies,” and “saved countless hours of research.”

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