Monitor the Source of MySQL and PostgreSQL Database Load

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Mar 9, 2015 10:13:00 AM

VividCortex now computes metrics about each client connection’s host (where the remote end of the connection originates) in Top Queries, so you can monitor MySQL and PostgreSQL activity per remote host. By changing the Rank menu from Queries to Hosts, you can see a breakdown of activity in the familiar format, all with 1 second resolution.


The hardest part of this was picking good names for the metrics and the drop-down menu. Unfortunately all the names we could find seemed to have some ambiguity. Remote host, origin host, client, inbound… take your pick. We picked Host. Is there a better term?

Regardless what you call it, this shows you where service demand on your MySQL/PostgreSQL servers is coming from, and how it varies over time. As usual, you can slice-and-dice, zoom in, and all the rest.

If you’d like a demo of VividCortex, contact us, or simply sign up for a free trial, no credit card required.

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