Baron Schwartz Presents on Time-Series Data at Scale13X

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Feb 27, 2015 5:13:00 AM

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending Scale13X in Los Angeles. It was full of great conversations with solid people, and it was nice to escape the winter cold for a couple days.

Baron Schwartz presented on VivdCortex’s approach to building a time-series database in MySQL. The talk is titled Scaling VividCortex’s Big Data Systems on MySQL, and the recording and video can be seen here. If you are not automaticaly directed, Baron’s presentation begins at 5:49:00.

Below are the slides and a brief description to pique your interest.

In this talk, Baron Schwartz discusses VividCortex’s unique time-series data requirements and implementation, including:

  • How we built a solution using MySQL and additional components such as Redis
  • Why we needed more than just MySQL to meet the requirements
  • The good and bad aspects of our architecture
  • Performance statistics
  • Thoughts for the future of our time-series data architecture

You will leave the talk with a greater understanding of MySQL’s capabilities related to time-series data.

Baron has presented a webinar on this before, and you can register for a copy of it here.

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