Introducing Query and Metric Pages

Posted by John Thomas on Feb 25, 2015 7:57:00 AM

We recently deployed multiple new pages at VividCortex providing detailed query and metric information. To access this level of information previously, you had to utilize Top Queries, one of our most popular tools. While the power of Top Queries lies in the ability to rank queries by specific criteria, these new pages allow users to easily filter and see detailed information about any query or metric.

VividCortex provides industry-leading, one-second granularity to provide unparallelled visibility into the work being done on your database systems. We track thousands of metrics from the database and operating system, providing you with actionable analysis through our innovative tools. When you deal with this much information, simplicity is a priority. Both of these new tools are simple to use but provide a tremendous amount of data.

Selecting Queries or Metrics in the left-hand navigation menu takes you to a table of, you guessed it, queries or metrics. From this page, you can filter results by text, age, or recent activity. Selecting a row takes you to that row’s detail page where relevant information such as notifications, samples, and per-host breakdown can be easily seen and shared.


Two other features are worth noting. First, these pages are (or will be shortly) integrated to easily allow access from other pages within the app. While this is a small implementation detail, it’s extremely powerful. For example, if an event occurs related to a specific query or metric, we automatically link to the relevant detail page, providing users quick access to more information.

Second is “The Explorer,” which is found within the Metrics detail page. As stated previously, VividCortex retrieves thousands of metrics. The Explorer uses algorithms to cluster metrics that are similarly shaped, so that when you find a metric that is of interest, you can easily find out more information through the shape of other metrics.

We’re excited about these new pages, and as always, thank our customers for their feedback through the development. If you’re not using VividCortex yet, sign up for free trial (no credit card required). We believe you’ll learn something about your system that you didn’t know.

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