Case Study: VividCortex Helps WebAssign Prepare for High Volume Season

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Feb 18, 2015 8:11:00 AM

WebAssign develops higher education online instructional tools for faculty and students, and more than one million students at over 2,300 educational institutions use WebAssign each year. Last year, WebAssign experienced a large outage that impacted their ability to provide timely online grading and assessments; they took this opportunity to look for new tools that would improve insights into their database activities and ensure service level requirements.

“MEM for MySQL wasn’t able to provide per-query metrics or fault diagnosis, which is a level of detail that we value,” said Valerie Parham, DBA, WebAssign. “Instead, releases would appear fine, but then a problem would pop up and we’d have to do a hot-fix so it didn’t turn into an outage, which placed undue stress on everyone.”

WebAssign looked at a number of solutions, including Percona Cloud Tools, but none offered the same level of full query insight and predictive capability of VividCortex. “VividCortex is a monitoring system that gives us full insight into our database - at the system level, the query level, and the database performance level,” said Parham. “Plus, it’s very usable even by non-technical people.” The level of detail is unmatched by other tools and enables smooth problem identification and resolution.

This season, WebAssign was well prepared because they were able to detect and fix problems well in advance.

The full case study is available for download here. If you think this level of analysis could benefit your company, start your free trial today!

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