In Case You Missed It - Stackscope Industry Webinar

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Feb 5, 2015 7:21:00 AM

This is a must see for anyone in the ever-transforming technology industry. Join Adrian Cockcroft, Jason Dixon, Nathen Harvey and Baron Schwartz discuss the Internet of Things. Some highlights:

  • How do we reconcile the containerization dissonance?

  • What are the advantages, scaling hurdles and security implications of Docker?

  • What monitoring methods will ultimately reign supreme, and what tools are ahead of the curve?

  • What are the paths toward DevOps, and will everyone eventually adapt?

  • How do companies like Chef, Librato and NetFlix use containerization, monitoring and DevOps?

  • What is the future of database as a service and the next big programming language?

  • The 2020 landscape

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting bits and pieces, but you can register for a full recording here. And you should!

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