Monitoring MariaDB, Percona Server, and WebScaleSQL with VividCortex

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Jan 12, 2015 10:19:00 AM

TL;DR: it’s all the same to us and MariaDB, Percona Server, and WebScaleSQL all work beautifully, just like Kung Fu Fighting.

I couldn’t decide whether to parody the Kung Fu Fighting lyrics or include a parody image, so I’ll just start with parody lyrics:

Everybody was Metrics Fighting
Those graphs were fast as lightning
In fact, it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing
(with apologies to Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting)

Sometimes customers or interested community members ask us whether we support MariaDB too, or do we support Percona Server too, and so on. Just for the record, we do. We built VividCortex to monitor all types of MySQL servers.

But what about specific features and enhancements exposed by the branches of MySQL?

As longtime MySQL experts, we are very familiar with these, and in some cases even helped create them. These features don’t represent anything terribly exceptional, however, in the bigger picture. Every version of MySQL adds new things, removes things, changes existing things. When compared with the changes between stock MySQL 5.0 and stock MySQL 5.6, for example, there are many changes to the output of commands such as SHOW SLAVE STATUS.

So in the end, our system has to be able to cope seamlessly with anything it encounters, whether that’s due to changes in MySQL over time or due to a new or changed feature in a branch/fork:

  • New commands added
  • Command output changed
  • Command disabled or deprecated
  • Command has specific bugs or edge-case behaviors
  • Command can cause performance problems in some case
  • Syntax changed
  • Server configured differently (e.g. ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY)
  • Feature disabled
  • Privileges for feature not granted

VividCortex was heavily influenced by previous work on opensource monitoring systems. One of the primary complaints about many of them is their rigidity. Even simple things, like adding new servers, can be painful. That’s why VividCortex is built to be adaptive to highly dynamic, changing systems on-the-fly.

So, go ahead and upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB after you’ve already set up monitoring. Our agents will fluidly adapt to that. They’re built to be nimble, like Kung Fu Fighting.

If you are still fighting with old-fashioned monitoring systems that take more than 15 seconds to set up, by the way, give VividCortex a try. It will cost you nothing and could save you a lot.

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