Enhanced Support for Per-Process Metrics on FreeBSD

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Jan 5, 2015 10:19:00 AM

VividCortex has always tracked process activity to help monitor and explain database performance, and recent enhancements to the Top Processes feature provide even more clarity. Often, processes impact one another in unexpected ways, and monitoring both MySQL and system resource utilization at high resolution is the only way to pinpoint those instances.

As we develop the product, our goal is to bring users deeper analysis of everything in the system through a unified interface across a diversity of platforms and technoligies. We are excited to announce our latest step is enhanced per-process metrics support for monitoring FreeBSD.

What does this mean? Quite simply, you can now enjoy the unparalleled insight we offer for Linux if you are using FreeBSD. This includes CPU, memory, I/O (bytes written and read) and number of file handles, possible becase of our efficient fast-path access to process statistics. Indeed, these are all measured at one second intervals with no additional system impact.


Not only does this feature enable you to effectively monitor FreeBSD, but its parity also allows richer cross-analysis between types of metrics such as query, database and process.

This is available immediately to all FreeBSD users. If you are not experiencing the benefits of effective database and resource monitoring, sign up for a free trial today. A look at what is actually happening on your servers will most certainly surprise you. Installation is simple and will be complete before you finish your cup of coffee.

*As a note, FreeBSD metrics are not easy to get, and we will opensource this code someday.

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