Share Your Passion for Metal Music with GET METAL

Posted by Andres Techera on Dec 22, 2014 11:29:00 AM

There’s a special kind of feeling in sharing things we are passionate about. That’s why I made a RESTful API to get random Heavy Metal videos for your every need!

GET METAL is nothing but a simple API made with NodeJS and Express. The idea behind it is quite simple: you make a call and get a random heavy metal video. Give it a try:

$ curl

As you likely discovered, you will get a YouTube url in plain text format as a response. GET METAL can also return videos as json objects with additional information and full genre video lists. (Check out the documentation here.)

You can use GET METAL with your hubot to share the videos on a chat channel on “here”.


After being honored with the VividCortex “Most Metal” Award earlier this year, I realized I needed to step up my game so that I would not lose my title any time soon.

I still remember the joy of discovering new music before “the Internet age,” exchanging mix-tapes with friends and then CDs as time passed. I have found the element of surprise in learning the favorites of others played a huge factor in that joy. The GET METAL API is nothing but a fun, genuine way to reach out to your peers by sharing a bit of what you like. Feel free to fork it, or contribute.

Special thanks go to Fernando Papa, who encouraged me to do this!

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