VividCortex Presents StackScope

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Dec 10, 2014 8:42:00 AM

Today we announced StackScope, a new industry colloquium for IT technologists. The amount of available technology is overwhelming and continuing to grow. The goal of Stackscope is to help you discern the hype and buzzwords from what is necessary to remain on the cutting edge.

The first webinar will be held January 22nd at 2 PM EST. The roundtable will include Adrian Cockcroft, Jason Dixon, Nathen Harvey, and Baron Schwartz. These thought leaders will discuss Cloud, Big Data, Continuous Delivery and the Internet of Things.

In the words of Adrian Cockcroft, Technology Partner at Battery Ventures,

“We make choices in our personal and business lives based on assumptions about what is possible and the relative costs and risks of different options. Over time our assumptions drift off target as reality changes, and the optimizations we make in life and work may become invalidated. Tracking the underlying trends and making different optimizations is one of the ways that disruptive companies can create new business models.”

Register to attend the event here, invite your colleagues and peers, and stay ahead of technology in 2015.

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