Win a Free Pass to Velocity Barcelona!

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Oct 30, 2014 10:12:00 AM

O’Reilly is quickly approaching and will be held Novemmber 17 - 19 in Barcelona. The folks at O’Reilly have offered us a free pass to give away, so we are offering this to you when you participate in the Trivia game. Answer any of the following questions and tweet your answers to @vividcortex with #velocitytrivia for your chance to win a 2-day pass. You can find the answers to the questions on the Velocity Conference website. Speed and accuracy is your friend in this game, as answers will not be accepted after November 6. The winner will be announced November 7.

The questions are below:

Q.1: If you want to build a culture and process that drives diversity in your recruiting, hiring and retaining people, what session should you attend?

Q.2: One of our keynote presentations features an open source project that helps front end develoers build faster, cheaper and more maintainable code using components. What is the presentation title and name of the project?

Q.3: Which Velocity Keynote session relates to this quote: “In times of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future.”?

Q.4: What are the “five reasons” to come to Velocity? Bolded reasons are fine. (hint, reading About Velocity will help).

Q.5: Which Velocity EU Event gives you 5 minutes to get on stage and talk your latest passion, idea or hack?

Q.6: Which session would you attend to learn more about polyfill performance and binary transmissions?

Happy guessing!

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