Improved Fault Diagnosis UI

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Oct 20, 2014 7:57:00 AM

In our efforts to improve MySQL monitoring, we recently enhanced our fault diagnosis UI. Adaptive Fault Detection has been an integral part of our suite, and we are excited for the UI updates that will help you better manage your databases.

The new release provides a more compact view, allowing you to quickly assess potential problems before they become bigger. Notice how a tiny, tiny server stall was caught by our algorithm. Fault detection has allowed us to get remarkable results from our weak EC2 boxes by keeping them running really cleanly.


We have also added more sections showing metrics such as top processes, network sockets, and network ports. These sections have quick-links to navigate to each of the various tools in the exact time range of the selected fault.


Further, you can click on the zoom buttons on sparklines to pop them out and make them big for closer inspection.


The new UI allows you to view metrics at a high level or drill down to the details, depending on your need. We’re always improving our app and appreciate feedback. Customer suggestions influence our product greatly.

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