Free eBook: Configuring MySQL for Performance Teaser

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Oct 2, 2014 8:07:00 AM

Have you donwloaded our latest eBook, Configuring MySQL for Performance? It offers simple advice on configuring the most important settings to maximize your MySQL performance.

Below are a couple tidbits:

The Default Storage Engine

The default_storage_engine setting is the engine used for tables that don’t specify an engine explicitly. This used to be MyISAM, but it’s changed to InnoDB more recently. This is a good thing; it’s the engine we’ve suggested as default for most use cases for years. Just check to ensure this is set as you desire. If you don’t know what engine to use, the right answer is probably InnoDB.

The Query Cache

The query cache (variables whose names begin query_cache ) should generally be disabled, unless you’re quite familiar with MySQL and its inner workings and know that it’ll help on your workload. You can find a lot of discussion online about the potential impacts of the query cache. Much of it misses the forest for the trees: the fact is that the query cache doesn’t scale well on modern multi-core hardware and can cause serious lockups of the whole server. It’s not worth dissecting the reasons in great detail here; if you want good detailed advice, see High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition.

Interested in learinng more? Download the full edition here.

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