You Won't Believe These 5 Simple Tips to Get the Most from MySQL Central

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Sep 17, 2014 11:03:00 AM


The countdown is on, and MySQL Central begins in less than two weeks. We are pumped to be participating and want to make the most of this great experience. Here are five ways we plan to do so:

1) Meet the MySQL development team. They will be leading two sessions on Tuesday evening, both at 6 PM (BOF6883 and BOF5939, respectively). The first is on InnoDB, the MySQL optimizer, and any other MySQL server topic. The other discusses high availability and backup, including MySQL replication, MySQL utilities, MySQL Cluster, MySQL Fabric and MySQL backup. Bring your questions and ideas to the experts!

2) Plan your schedule in advance. Besides the two BOF sessions mentioned above, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with the community, participate in hands-on labs and learn from expert tutorials. Peruse the range of sessions and pick those that most interest you. Build your schedule so you do not miss your favorites. If you want our two cents: attend CON5105 and hear Baron Schwartz discuss VividCortex’s MySQL architecture.

Here are a couple other suggestions:

Find out what is new in MySQL 5.7

Mark Leith’s list

Hands-on Labs

3) Don’t miss the keynotes. Tomas Ulin and Edward Screven will address the State of the Dolphin. Calvin Sun and Inaam Rana, engineers from Twitter, will discuss their MySQL 5.6 integration. Mark Leith will speak on the MySQL SYS Schemas. Intrigued? With these and more innovators, you will surely gain valuable insights.

**4) Attend the community reception.** Enjoy a drink or two with others as we celebrate the MySQL community on Tuesday, September 30 at Jillian’s at Metreon. It will be a good time with great people. Register here.

5) Hit the exhibition floor. From Accenture to KPMG to Red Hat, there are hundreds of chances to be wowed. Be sure to check VividCortex out at 2433 Moscone South and grab an animal hat!

Thanks to Oracle for making this meeting of the minds possible. We cannot wait for the great conversations and learning to come.

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