The Importance of Being Happy

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Jul 14, 2014 5:40:00 AM


Finding fulfillment at your job is important, especially on Mondays. A stimulating environment inspires people to do their best work. At VividCortex, we want everyone to look forward to getting out of bed each morning. We want to ensure we are doing everything within our power to unblock and empower employees. One way we gauge our effectiveness is through an employee happiness survey - a pulse check, if you will.

The survey addresses multiple factors that affect employee satisfaction, including the following:

Personal Development: Have you received recognition, encouragement and opportunity to grow? Are you given the opportunity to emphasize your strengths?

Team Dynamics: Are others on the team committed to doing work, and are you close with them?

Company Dynamics: Do you value the company mission, and are your opinions valued within the company?

By addressing these three areas in a short survey and soliciting anonymous feedback, we offer employees an open line of communication to express opinions they may not otherwise. We find areas to lift sentiments from neutral to extremely satisfied, and any issues can be immediately addressed so they do not cause greater consequences down the road.

Because our team is spread across mulitple hemispheres, it is pivotal to proactively measure and build an atmosphere that combats any case of the Mondays. The survey approach helps us improve management decisions. More collaborative meetings, clarity of our mission, and public presentation of individual and team accomplishments are a few adjustments; we look forward to others.

Surveys are only one method of tracking employee satisfaction; please share others you have found effective.


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