The Hidden Cost of Data Operations eBook

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Jun 26, 2014 9:27:00 AM


A few months ago, we asked DBAs, SysAdmins and others who manage servers to fill out a survey assessing their resources, workload and tools. We received 150+ responses from those at mid-size to large web scale operations companies that work with systems built around open source technologies. We have compiled the data, and the telling results are available in this eBook.

It is easy to undervalue the work of a DBA until systems fail, load time stalls, or coding goes awry. The truth is, much of their day is spent diagnosing problems created by others with inefficient tools. This leads to a loss in productivity and ultimately wastes the DBA’s time and the company’s money.

The survey results shed light on the specific tasks that consume their time and the features in supplemental tools that would increase productivity and allow them to work in a proactive environment.

Click below to request your copy. It is a quick read that speaks volumes. Plus, the graphics are amazing.

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