VividCortex Predicts the World Cup

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Jun 11, 2014 8:37:00 AM

Today marks the kick off of a sporting spectacle that rallies nations. In honor of VividCortex’s first World Cup, below are a few employee predictions indicating clear biases and varying levels of knowledge.


Kyle: Uruguay vs US in the final. US wins by 6 goals.

Ignacio: It’s a hard one – I don’t see clear favourites this time: Germany, Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands are all very strong. I’ll limit myself to predict a 5 Europe vs. 3 South America quarterfinals, and Europe winning a cup in South America for the first time.

Alejandro: Brazil wins the the World Cup. The home team is very often the one that wins. That is the only way France or England could win one.

Andres: What I would love to see: Uruguay 2 - Brazil 1. What will most likely happen: Argentina - Brazil.

Nate: I’m not much of a soccer fan, but I do like to watch the World Cup. I can say I’m rooting for both Uruguay and the U.S.! Basically once the U.S. doesn’t advance out of group play, I will definitely put my full support behind Uruguay!

Jeff: My money is on the New York Islanders.

John: Sports? Usually when picking winners I ask to see the mascots and I pick winners based upon which mascot would win in a fight. Let’s just use the characters on the national flags. Bhutan is my choice… you can’t beat a dragon.

Nacho: A lot of glass will be broken.

Jorge: The party is all set for Brazil to win the cup and calm the protests. Argentina, however, has an extremely easy path to the final, and giants like Spain or Germany are always a threat. Uruguay, Italy and England are playing on the hardest group, but whoever passes will have that morale boost that’s so important in a competition like this. Here’s hoping the Garra Charrúa shatters every prediction, like it did 64 years ago!

Preetam: Someone will win. Many will lose.

Mario: In a stunning reversal of events that surprises everyone Egypt wins the World Cup after all 32 qualifying teams decide to pursue careers in American Football instead.

Anna: Lebron James, realizing the Heat will lose the NBA Finals, jumps ship and joins the US team as goalie. They then go on to win the World Cup because no one can get the ball passed his massive frame.

Cesar: Final Match: Uruguay 2 - Brasil 1. Also, the lack of soccer knowledge is too high.

Here’s to an entertaining month of athletic prowess on the field!


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