The Ninja Solution for Your Systems

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Jun 10, 2014 8:29:00 AM

If you’re like most of our customers, you’re relying more than ever on data to determine and reach your audience. That mountain of data is not cheap or easy to keep and analyze.


That is where we enter. Outlined below are five reasons the VividCortex cloud-based software will benefit your entire organization, from the database administrator to the analyst to the customer. Our NINJA approach will:

N egate noise. The amount of data entering systems is overwhelming, even when using charts and graphs. Not only do we house data on the level of 1-second granularity, we do so in a manner that charts real-time performance and enables faster diagnosis.

I ncrease profitability through minimizing monitoring time. From an installation process of seconds to features such as query performance tracking, we emphasize efficiency. Instead of spending approximately 25% of their time maintaining internal tools, end users are free to prioritize value-adding ventures.

N otice errors before they hurt your site. When user experience is at stake, each minute navigating a maze of server activity is precious. Our patent pending Adaptive Fault Detection Feature automatically detects the specific server and time of faults, directing administrators to the source.

J uggle data from thousands of servers and display it in a digestible format. In addition to fault detection, VividCortex automatically captures MySQL and Linux events, provides intelligent filtering and tracks OS processes, allowing streamlined insights.

A dapt with you. We think we have a great product but are not satisfied with that alone. Our team of devoted developers is continually evaluating our offering and soliciting user feedback to improve and expand.

Once implemented, VividCortex will scan your servers with stealth and quietly monitor your database, sparing your employees the headache of doing so. We invite you to test VividCortex through a one-month free trial.

Please, let us focus on your systems, so you can focus on your customer.

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