A Quick Tour of VividCortex

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Apr 3, 2014 8:49:00 AM

This is a quick overview of top-level app features available with VividCortex.

Installation that Literally Takes a Few Minutes

Our install process requires only a few steps, running a CURL install command and entering some credentials and you are done. The agents automatically configure, discover MySQL and start reporting data faster than you could have read this. Installation instructions are available once you signup.

Profiling Queries in Real Time

Above all, we measure workload on a system. It’s important to understand what queries are running the longest, how they changed over time, and how expensive they are to key resources. We allow you to tag queries, and rank by those tags. We let you look at those queries across databases. We sample those queries. There is a lot more to our profiler than you see, so we suggest you give it a spin and see what you discover.

This allows you to see, in real time, how developers and users are changing load on your systems.


All the MySQL and OS Graphs, in 1-Second Detail

We provide the most detailed granularity of any MySQL metrics and monitoring company. Everything is 1-second. Problems that last under a minute are still problems and it’s blasphemy to ignore data that isn’t at least 1-second. We also allow you to click on a graph, zoom into something interesting, and we update the entire app to match that view state. Cool?



Events Feed, Without Configuration

This is a newsfeed of system events. We record errors like query pileups, configuration changes, MySQL errors, full disk, and lots more so you don’t have to configure your MySQL or OS events. These events can be integrated with alerting services, to tell your team when critical stuff is happening.


Interest in Learning More or Getting Started

Of course, VividCortex has a lot more functionality than we can demonstrate in a quick tour. We automatically discover server stalls. Everything is API driven. Those APIs will soon be available for you to use. And more. You’ll have to install and discover stuff for yourself. What are you waiting for? Signup for a free fully-featured trial.

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