Announcing General Availability of VividCortex

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Apr 3, 2014 8:00:00 AM

After a year and a half of coding, planning, customer feedback, bug fixes, lots of coffee, blood, sweat and tears, we’re happy to announce that VividCortex is now generally available and you can install a free, fully-featured trial. Thank you so much to everyone involved. We have a great team and a fantastic group of early customers.

VividCortex Launches MySQL Database Performance Saas Solution

Available for Free Trial


When we founded VividCortex, we decided to make people who manage systems happy. When you, as a database administrator, devops person, etc., possess such a unique skill-set and an entire company depends on you and your relatively small team for performance and management of increasingly complex systems, your life gets stressful. You forget to take care of things like your health, family and other personal things. That’s not good.

At VividCortex, we exist to give you more time, to make your life easier, and ultimately to make you happier. We want to eliminate the tedious things, the time-wasters and those tasks that don’t add value to you or your company.

Making people happy is a simple goal, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to build that solution. We’re solving problems that can’t be solved overnight, that require a lot of thinking, challenge our assumptions about design, force us to implement unique data management solutions, and force us to do hardcore math. That’s why this is just the beginning of a much broader set of features and purpose-built solutions. We’re just getting started.

We’ve had large companies running VividCortex on their production MySQL infrastructure for over a year now. VividCortex will continue to get better everyday, so please install a trial and let us know what you need to make your life easier. We’re also ready for larger rollouts, so contact us if you want to learn more.

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Press Release Excerpt

VividCortex helps companies that care about Web performance diagnose and understand what happens in the most critical component of their systems—the database. VividCortex is the world’s first database performance management service. Built specifically for MySQL, the leading Web-scale database technology, VividCortex offers the following unique differentiators:

  • Modern, cloud-ready, maintenance-free, scalable and simple installation;
  • Patent-pending, automated, fault-detection technology;
  • Facebook-like feed of systems events designed specifically for the DevOps community;
  • Industry leading 1-second granularity of all system metrics, events and queries; and
  • Measurable cost-savings through reduced diagnosis time and time-to-resolution.

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