VividCortex Closes First Billion Dollar Account

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Apr 1, 2014 5:03:00 AM

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VividCortex helps leading pork retailer, Hamazon, deliver industry leading database and website performance.


VividCortex today announced it has been selected by Hamazon, as its database performance management solution, running on all 100,000 production MySQL Servers.

Jeff Porkos, Hamazon CEO, explained “We sell billions of dollars in pork, bacon, ham, sausage and other delicious products. When we launched Hamazon Swine, demand for our bacon shot through the roof. We had major performance problems which we traced to the database. Our current tools couldn’t solve these problems quickly and pork just sat in our warehouse. After we installed VividCortex, we finally had the tools we wanted to diagnose and resolve database performance problems. VividCortex saved us time and money, but importantly, saved marriages in the process.”

Kyle Redinger, Co-Founder & CMO of VividCortex explained, “we had to work hard to support all the pork performance. We’re pleased to announce that Hamazon is now our biggest account, representing over a billion dollars in pork sales and many terabytes of performance data. We’ve reduced average time to diagnose MySQL problems by 78%; we’ve reduced downtime by 25%; we’ve reduced the average Hamazon query time by 20%.”

VividCortex will be available to download for a free trial on April 3rd, 2014.


We founded VividCortex to bring technical intelligence to the ubiquitous computing world. Our products help our customers measure, analyze and understand system behavior at a very deep level. We build tools and services to help our customers understand complex server and database systems.

To learn more, sign up for our live demo webinar on April 8th.

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