Hi, We're Hiring in Charlottesville and Montevideo

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Nov 1, 2013 5:22:00 AM


Hello Charlottesville and Montevideo, we are looking for talented software engineers to join our team.


Our company builds database management tools for the world’s leading technology companies. Our users are recognizable, leading websites that you use everyday. We run agents on highly critical production systems, collect a large amount of data, and our clients use our webapp to run their systems better and faster, automatically identify problems, and look at systems in a new way.

We are backed by some very smart investors (#2 on the Netflix Challenge, founder of IPOed tech company, founder of leading AdWords consulting firm), Battery Ventures, and a lot of other cool folks.

Our Challenges

We collect A LOT of data. Right now, we measure every status counter, query and metric on a database in 1-second detail. We add a level of insight on top of all this data that allows system administrators, DBAs, operations people, and application developers to make intelligent decisions about optimizing performance of their systems. Read more here.

Our Tools

We are a modern development team. We open-source a lot of stuff. We give our people a lot of autonomy to make decisions about the technologies we use, but in short, we are heavy users of Go and Angular. We do a lot of data visualization, so graphing technologies like D3 are heavily used as well.

We also use GitHub, Hubot, CircleCI, Ansible, AWS, and a lot more stuff you’d see in a typical development focused organization, led by a technical founder.

Our Team

Our team is really awesome, but we need more people because we are tackling big problems. We’re going to encounter particularly exciting challenges as we grow our customer base. Not only are our systems going to be really big, we also have to solve very challenging UI issues for our customers.

The positions are more general than anything, but if you like small teams, big problems, solving real computer science related issues, and being part of something unique for Charlottesville and Montevideo, you’re probably a good fit. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Career Opportunities

Systems Programming

Our agents, backend systems, and infrastructure are all written in Go (it’s awesome). We are ramping up to handle a jaw-dropping amount of incoming data. Data storage involves MySQL and other technologies in a fault-tolerant, distributed environment.

Operations and System Administration

We’re hosted in Amazon AWS and looking for people who do developer and sysops types of work — writing some server software, setting up some machines, whipping up some Ansible code, and so on.

Front End Development

The web app is backed by a small amount of PHP and Symfony2, and fronted by Angular and D3.js, CSS (Less), and HTML5. There’s a lot of API interaction from JavaScript, and a complex single-page user interface with rich data visualization that’s key for making our customers rave about the experience, not just the technology. We need people who can work in Angular, D3, design, styling, and so forth.

For details check: https://vividcortex.com/about-us/careers/

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