Making You Happy: Live Customer Stories

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Oct 2, 2013 9:41:00 AM


We just soft-launched to a handful of early customers yesterday and things are looking pretty good. We’re starting to achieve our goals of making our users very happy. It’s not marketing talk. One of our customers just mentioned the following to us:

I just wanted to let you know that VividCortex proved helpful for diagnosing an issue we’ve been running into over the past couple weeks.

We’d been noticing significant slowdown on our MySQL servers at various times but hadn’t been able to tie it out to anything previously, as nothing really stood out in our in-house profiling data as notable. However, after taking a look on VividCortex, the GUI view helped make it clear that a repeated TRUNCATE statement was near the top of the “time by fingerprint” list for the past day (and its occurrences only really seemed to spike up during a couple times, which seemed to correspond to the times of slowdown).

Further, I was able to take a look at the graphs for this MySQL server and determine that (a) there was in fact a distinct spike in MySQL connections for this time, proving that something strange was indeed going on, and (b) there were consistent InnoDB mutex locks during this time.

All of this information combined with a little googling led me to this bug, which gave a pretty clear picture of what was going on. We are now working to deal with this problem and seeing significant speed increases in both the relevant scripts specifically and general server performance, but I wanted to let you guys know that your tools really came in handy here!

As Baron said, “music to our ears.” We saved Joe a ton of time and augmented his brain. I think that counts as making someone happy. Thanks Joe!

Can we solve your MySQL pain? We know finding faults can be particularly difficult. We automate that. We also know that capturing detailed metrics is expensive and difficult. We do that too.  Talk to us and let’s see if we can make you happy too.

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