VividCortex User Experience Goals for a Product Launch

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Sep 4, 2013 9:10:00 AM


Is everything UX?” is a rhetorical title to a post about the design behind our product. Baron and I agree that a great UI is most of the value we provide to our customers. We emphasize the thought process that goes into good design thinking. When you involve design and a customer-centric approach in the product creation process, it makes the product much better.

We are planning to release our beta soon, and our goals are principally organized around an experience we believe will make our users very happy. Why? Because we’ve talked to a lot of them about their pain, and we think conceptual solutions best address their needs. The devil is always in the details, but for now here are some things we’re working to build for our users…

A High Level Overview of All The Things Going on in Your MySQL

Systems are complex. There are thousands of signals and metrics per system — too many for a human to manage. Whether it’s one hundred or a million alerts a week (no joke, we heard that story from a big bank), staying in control of all the noise is a considerable challenge. Process controls can help, but what users really want is direction, not pages full of charts. Users want to know what problems are happening and where they should focus their attention, so we built novel visualization concepts to make this happen.

Ability to Zoom In and Out of a System

Sometimes a high level overview is what we want. At other times, we want to zoom into a very granular level of detail. Zooming smoothly between them can dramatically reduce the time users spend on finding the right thing. We’re also working to help users avoid clicking the back-button and opening up multiple tabs in a browser.

Really, Really Simple Setup and Operation

Monitoring/performance management solutions take too much time to install and maintain. We’ve challenged our team to create the easiest installation process possible.  We’ve achieved a lot on that front, with installation being as easy as anyone in the industry.  Our agents can be set to autoupdate, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining or setting up your own hardware.

Automated Discovery of Errors and Data Collection

Detecting transient faults in a system, i.e. those partial faults that last a few seconds, is extremely hard to do. It’s also difficult to collect relevant information about those faults.  Users complain about spending days trying to solve these problems. Leave VividCortex running, and you’ll see the faults that happened, and we’ll automatically collect the relevant information associated with those faults. This tool will save many a marriage by reducing your time to diagnose problems.

Work-Centric View of Your MySQL

We believe that systems exist to do work. What’s a unit of work on a database? The query. So, we designed a very useful query profiling tool that visualizes what’s expensive to your system and why. Fault detection and other analysis techniques are also work-centric. It’s a guiding principle of what we’re building at VividCortex.

If you’ve helped us get this far, thanks so much. Your insight has been incredibly valuable. Now it’s our turn to deliver the solution. Stay tuned for more updates.

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