VividCortex turns 1 year old

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Aug 30, 2013 9:02:00 AM


One year ago today, Kyle and I signed VividCortex’s official founding paperwork.

Since then, we’ve raised two rounds of funding, hired many people, worked with lots of helpful customers, made many friends and gotten help from many gracious and knowledgeable advisors and investors, and written a lot of code. And we’ve learned a lot. The list of firsts for me and Kyle is long, and I like to think everyone in VividCortex is challenged to grow beyond our comfortable norms. Kyle, the “non-technical founder,” is learning R!

The work of writing VividCortex’s software didn’t start in earnest until several months after the founding, so our codebase is really only six to eight months old. Given that we’ve been hiring fast and development is accelerating, most of it is much younger. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in such a short time.

But what’s behind is much less interesting than what’s ahead. As I look forward, I see a lot of challenges, but all of them look like fun and interesting ones to tackle. I come to work every day more energized and happier than I’ve been in my whole career. And I’ve been fortunate to have a happy and energizing career by any standards!

More important still than the past and the future is the present. What’s in the present? Our team is, for one thing. I work with the smartest, nicest, most dedicated, most caring, most fun crew of people I ever have. Life is precious, and who you spend your time with is so important. Most people of working age spend roughly a third of our lives, and probably more than half of our person-to-person time, with colleagues. I give thanks every day for the team of friends who work at VividCortex. I’m privileged to work with all of you, and you impress me every day, whether it’s what you do — gorgeous designs, elegant code — or just who you are.

I also need to thank our advisors, investors, customers, beta-testers, friends in the industry, and many others, especially Kyle, his family, my wife, and my family, who are so supportive.

Here’s to the next year at VividCortex, and many more to come!

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