We Raised $2M To Revolutionize Monitoring

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Aug 7, 2013 9:12:00 AM


We recently closed a $2,025,000 Series Seed round with participation from Jaffray Woodriff, Battery Ventures, CIT and our existing angels. This brings our total amount raised to $2,698,000. We raised most of this round from investors in Charlottesville, VA, which is the East Coast’s best-kept sleeper tech hub secret.

Why Did We Raise Money?

We raised this round of funding because we’re addressing a very large-scale engineering problem. This is not a quick or cheap product to build. We need to hire and invest significantly in engineering and infrastructure. The round gives us the funding to deliver more features and scale to meet customer demand.

What Are We Building?

The tools and products available for what’s generally called “monitoring” are square wheels that just don’t do the job. They’ve been reinvented in the same boring ways for 15 to 20 years, with predictable results. Because they’re the wrong tools doing the wrong things for an ill-defined purpose, naturally each reinvention has just been lipstick on a pig. And their user interfaces are generally awful.

Companies and staffers are tied to the proverbial train tracks, and the train of data is bearing down on them. This is no flash in the pan, this is no bubble. Data is growing much faster than staff and budgets. The writing’s on the wall. This is going to continue for a long time, and people are stretched to the limit already. The gap in ability has to be filled, and we think tools are a big component of that.

Doing this right requires a vision for what’s really going to solve the problems people have and don’t know how to articulate. We think something different is needed, and we’re calling it Database Performance Management. Not Database Monitoring. Think about what APM does for apps, and NPM does for networks. Who’s doing that for databases? We are.

Talking points: systems have a purpose in life — to perform work. Measure and analyze the work, not just status counters. Systems are always different, always changing. Everything must be self-configuring and adaptive. Managing thousands of servers per IT headcount will require usable tools. User interface design and data visualization is paramount.


It takes a great community of people, from investors, to early customers, to talented employees, and helpful friends and advisors, to make this happen. We’re excited and grateful to be working with great people, especially

  • Our investors, who believe in us and continue to support us. In addition to Jaffray Woodriff, we want to give a special mention to Alex Benik from Battery Ventures.
  • Thanks to all of our talented and loyal employees and contractors, for building an amazing product and putting customers first.
  • A special thanks to thank our early customers and trial accounts. Your early vote of confidence in our product is validating and inspiring.
  • Thanks to family, friends, significant others, advisors, service providers, and many others.

Be Part Of The Future

We’re hiring. If you want to work with us, please get in touch.

Can We Help You Right Now?

If you want to replace your existing metrics collection, storage and graphing infrastructure for MySQL, please sign up for our beta or contact us if you’re already signed up, as we are starting to open accounts to those who have an immediate need.

Thank you, Kyle & Baron

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