Johnny Deps: a Go Dependency Manager

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Jul 25, 2013 8:29:00 AM

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We previously blogged about our wish for package versioning in Go, and mentioned a small script we built to help us manage package dependencies. We’ve improved the script since then, and decided to open-source it in case it’s helpful to anyone else as well.

For fun, of course, we renamed it Johnny Deps. No, Johnny Depp isn’t a VividCortex employee. Why do you ask? To get your mind off movie stars, here’s a photo of dependency, in a slightly archaic usage of the word:


To quote from the documentation:

The major need we have is reproducible builds: we want to be able to freeze a build’s dependencies so we can re-fetch exactly the specified versions later and build exactly the same binary, and we want the specification of dependencies to be included in the source code itself. Johnny Deps does that for us, encoding dependencies and their versions in a Godeps file.

Enjoy! We welcome your contributions in the usual ways: pull requests, issue reports, chocolate, you know… the usual ways.

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