Low-Tech Solution to Project Management in Remote Working Environments

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Jul 19, 2013 9:29:00 AM

We’ve been struggling with project management tools. We are extremely GitHub focused (i.e. every development task is a github issue), and no project management tools let us automatically combine the granularity of GitHub issues with a project-level view. In short, it creates redundant work flow where we need to manage two different tools. Huboard and Strikebase are working on solutions to this problem, so in the meantime we’ve hacked together a relatively low-tech solution.

I present to you a dropcam on a foam roller aka “rollacam.”   

Dropcam sits on a foam roller.


Dropcam beams pictures of high level tasks, status and owners to the interwebs. Team has access.


Remote team is happy. Not only can they watch us work, but they can prank us with the talk feature.


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