Announcing VividCortex's Unlimited Vacation Policy

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Jul 8, 2013 4:50:00 AM


I was watching a fantastic interview with Steve Jobs and he talked at length about the creative process and how he manages teams. The most quotable takeaway was:

It’s not process; it’s content that makes great products.

What it meant to me was that creative, excellent, A-Players can get great stuff done without a formal process. They are do-ers. They don’t need to be put into a powerpoint, or managed with excessive process; they just do great work. Jobs goes on to explain that they love being put in environments where they can work with other great people.

Part of our management philosophy at VividCortex is to not be “pointy haired bossess.”  Pointy haired bosses complicate your life because they institute worthless process and lead without compassion. Process is important for some things, but for managing people, especially, smart creative brainiacs, it harms your culture and gets in the way of productive work.

So, we applied this principal to our vacation policy (really, a lack of one) and arrived at the “Un-Vacation Policy.” Our policy for vacation is take as much time off as you need to balance your life. Our employees are capable of making smart decisions. Since we trust them with building a great product, we also trust them to make intelligent decisions about the right amount and timing of your vacation needs.  It also makes the overhead and process so much simpler. It’s a win for everyone.

Does any other Charlottesville company offer this? Have you enjoyed this experience as a manager or employee?

[comic from xkcd]

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