Is Everything UX?

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Jun 10, 2013 8:27:00 AM


We talk a lot about user-experience at VividCortex. When we talk to our customers, we talk a lot about the pain of current monitoring systems, pager fatigue, and their process for identifying and resolving system faults. It’s quite messy. Our findings can be reduced to the following:

  • Few have the time to step out of the weeds and re-evaluate their process; and
  • Even fewer, have experienced a overwhelmingly positive experience with the tools they use to manage their systems.

We’ve recognized that user experience and design are the majority of the value we provide for customers, even in the systems space. Our world has increasingly thrown pleasurable experiences at us, from the first iPhone, to Gmail, to credit cards, to search. These massively successful disruptors took what were once very complex experiences and made them intuitive by focusing on simple solutions to problems. In short, they all made the user-experience enjoyable.

At VividCortex, we believe in the same idea. Design is the driving value for any user experience. That’s why we have a leadership position open for this role. It’s too important to ignore.

How does your company think about design as a strategic value?

Pic credit to Pilottage.

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