The Biggest Risk of Managing Data: Your People

Posted by Kyle Redinger on Apr 19, 2013 5:37:00 AM


A high-profile IT ops executive recently told me:

In the past we’ve only hired senior operations staff, because they have the experience and intuition to manage systems.  We know that as we grow, we’ll be forced to hire junior level people, because we won’t be able to find enough senior people. We need tools to help us get those junior people up to speed.

The fundamental challenge at any business is hiring, growing and retaining great people. The challenge extends to everyone in the IT world, especially where demand is greater than supply. This is old news.

The problem is that infrastructure, enabled by Moore’s law and driven by sea changes such as the mobile explosion, is growing much faster than our budgets and headcount can afford. This creates a huge gap between people and the growing number of servers they manage. Today, it’s not uncommon to hear of small teams that have to manage hundreds or even thousands of servers on a per person basis. This creates a lot of pain when tools aren’t purpose built.

At VividCortex, we augment the engineering team’s ability to manage systems. Our tools help people work better, faster and smarter. By doing this, we make big data less expensive to manage.

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