Published by Alex Slotnick on Feb 17, 2017 2:25:15 PM

In Case You Missed It: "How Online Florists Can Show Their Databases Some Love Before Valentine's Day"

Baron Schwartz's recent article on DZone, "How Online Florists Can Show Their Databases Some Love Before Valentine's Day," helped flower sellers across the country prepare for one of their biggest shopping events of the year. Like other retail industries, florists need their online systems to maintain high-performance through heavy traffic periods, so outages or slow systems don't interrupt shoppers' activities. This requires advanced preparation for the database. Capacity planning, code slushes, and being able to expect the unexpected are all key.

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Published by Alex Slotnick on Feb 11, 2017 7:42:00 PM

With 500+ VividCortex Users, Shopify Eliminates High Latency Queries From Redis and MySQL

As intuitive and streamlined as ecommerce technology might seem from the user's perspective, it involves so much data that engineering ingenuity and smart database management must constantly deliver in order to keep up. At organizations like Shopify—responsible for the easy and reliable transactions at top brands around the world—that excellence of performance involves deep monitoring of their MySQL core and their Redis caching infrastructure, plus insightful query profiling, packet captures, and the admittance of developers to platforms that measure database performance.

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Published by Alex Slotnick on Feb 11, 2017 6:38:00 PM

Optimizing VividCortex App Downloads Through Code Reduction

We've recently been able to achieve new optimization for VividCortex app downloads by making the code smaller, thanks to several successful minification and reduction projects by our frontend team. Of course, minification is an automated process, which we've been performing since day one. In addition, we recently performed an exhaustive revision of our own code, in order to find and remove any unneeded aspects.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on Feb 10, 2017 4:42:00 PM

JSON Support in PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and SQL Server

Updated 2/10/2017

If you've been watching the evolution of database technologies over the past few years, you've seen how quickly JSON has quickly cemented its position in major database servers. Due to its use in the web front-end, JSON has overtaken XML in APIs, and it’s spread through all the layers in the stack one step at a time.

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Published by Alex Slotnick on Jan 31, 2017 6:01:57 PM

VividCortex Newsletter: January 2017

The January 2017 edition of the VividCortex newsletter includes a video case study with Shopify; our ebook "The Hidden Costs of Data Engineering"; a recording of the webinar "How to Be a Performance-Driven Engineer"; a Case Study with SalesLoft; and more.

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Published by Preetam Jinka on Jan 27, 2017 3:20:50 PM

Three Things That Differentiate Amazon Aurora From MySQL

It's not always obvious what makes one database type distinct from another. What are the most significant ways that Amazon Aurora is different from MySQL? Clear separators aren't always featured or widely known, but even slight variables between two databases can prove valuable in choosing which one is right for you and your organization.

In the case of Aurora, there are at least three interesting things that make it unique and that present opportunities for particular uses. (Thanks in advance to @saileshkrish for helping us stay in-the-know on what Aurora can do.)

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Published by Alex Slotnick on Jan 24, 2017 6:51:13 PM

How Dyn Reduces Time To Resolution

The Internet is a massive labyrinth of connections and intersections. Without a map or a guide, it would be almost impossible to find anything inside of it. That's why we need a translator to help us understand DNS, the "Internet's phone book." For many organizations, websites, and companies, that translator is Dyn, the market's leading Internet Performance Management (IPM) solution.

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