• Ebook: DevOps for the Database

    DevOps for the Database 

    Applying DevOps practices and culture to your database can make your software development and delivery processes faster, better and cheaper.  This brand new ebook explains.

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  • Percona Live at Hyatt-Regency-Austin1280X300

    Percona Live 2019 Austin

    This year's theme: Connect, Accelerate and Innovate. Hear our keynote speaker and visit our booth to see how best-in-class database performance monitoring can make it happen! 

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  • Ebook: How to Architect and Build Highly Observable Systems

    How to Architect and Build Highly Observable Systems

    Is your app easy to monitor in production? This ebook (2019 ed.) will help you save time and money by building in observability from the start.

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    Industry Leader Enhances Customer Experience:

    How VividCortex Transformed Database Monitoring at Okta  

    Okta performance engineers reduce the time required to identify the cause of database issues and take action.

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Our cloud-based platform provides unique insights into database workload and query response, 
enabling engineers to improve application speed, efficiency, and up-time.  Learn more.

We support your favorite
open source databases:
MySQL MySQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Amazon AuroraAmazon
Redis Redis MongoDB MongoDB



What You Need Urgently 

Troubleshoot/Diagnose Outages Quickly 

The pressure is on. You received an alert that your site is down. Your boss wonders if the problem might be in the database. Now you can quickly see if that's true and zero in on any potential issues using time-range comparison in VividCortex.  Learn More. 


What You Need Frequently

Understand the Impact of Code Deployments

Your team regularly deploys new code. Can you see how the latest release effects database performance? With VividCortex, developers can easily track query behavior and resource utilization so you can deploy faster and more confidently. Learn More. 



Hundreds of industry leaders rely on VividCortex




“VividCortex is the primary tool we use to monitor the health and status of all our databases.”— CTO

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“While other products look at different components of the stack, VividCortex fills a key performance monitoring gap by focusing on deep integration with the database.”— Director, SRE

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